BIM Weight Loss Program

Dr. Chris - 295 lbs.Dr. Chris - 215 lbs.

Welcome to Bridge Integrative Medicine’s Weight Loss Program!

Thank you for trusting our knowledge to help lead you on this journey.

I started my own weight loss journey back in June of 2018.  At the time I was 295 lbs, and very unhappy and self-conscious about how big I was.  However, it wasn’t until my size started to interfere with my hobbies that I actually decided to take my own weight loss journey.

I had been researching weight loss for several years trying to find the “best” “easiest” option.  Always looking for that “magic pill” that would make losing weight easy and painless. I discovered like most people that there is no “magic pill” and it would requite diligence and knowledge to make the changes I wanted and needed to make.

Looking through the countless diets, supplements, and programs available from more of a scientific standpoint and not a position of need I came to the conclusion that the ketogenic diet was steeped in both science and results.  Digging deeper into the philosophy and understanding about how and why it works to improve health and as a result, promote healthy weight loss I dove as deep down that rabbit hole as I could. Examining it from every aspect.

After a few years of research and knowledge-gathering, I started my own journey using both intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet.  Without going into too much detail all I can say is I wish I would have started this process sooner in life. I am healthier than I have ever been, happier than I have ever been, more confident than I have ever been.  It wasn’t always easy and I definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way. Mistakes that I hope to help you avoid in your journey.

As of the writing of this introduction, I am 90lbs lighter and will never go back to the way I ate previously. So many things in my life have changed for the better.  I look forward to walking this journey with you and seeing the person you desire to be emerge.

Whatever has lead you to start this journey for yourself I applaud your decision and want you to know that change is possible.  It takes dedication and diligence but with that dedication, changes can and will occur.

What's Included

  • Weekly meetings weeks 1-4(4). 1@ week 8.  1@ week 12. 1@ week 24. 1@ week 36. 1@ week 52.  1 additional as needed appointments. (10 total 1 one on one appointments with WLD (appointment 1 = 1hr, additional appointments are 30-minute appointments).

  • Video library access

  • Webinars (either weekly or monthly)(Webinars will add to video library)

  • DNAfit report and analysis

  • Turbo Shots (1/week for 3 months)

  • MyFitnessPal analysis @ one on one appointments.

  • Email availability for questions.

Refund Guidelines

Before first 1 on 1 with Weight loss director:

  • Full refund

If after first 1 on 1 appointment:

  • All information has been provided
  • Video library access has been provided
  • DNA testing provided
  • First Turbo shot provided
  • Plan customization calculated

Refund will be ½ of the original cost

If cancelation occurs further into the program:

  • The number of 1 on 1 appointments and turbo shots will be factored into refund calculation.